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Cisco Intergrated Service Router ISR4331-V/K9 Voice bundle

Cisco Intergrated Service Router ISR4331-V/K9 Voice bundle is ideally designed for
the small to mid-size enterprise branch environment, delivers advanced VOIP services
and unprecdent level of WAN intelligence. Cisco ISR4331 combines 2 dual mode Gigabit
Ethernet ports and PVDM4 DSP for voice and video services, two network modules,
one integrated services card slot and one service module slots which you can add a
Gigabit Ethernet switch or maybe a Cisco UCS e-series single blade server module to
run virtualized applications.Fully support for the OnePK software development kits
means mutual awareness between both network and applications. Application visibility
and control are natively available on the router, so you can measure user experience
without external probes.

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