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Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Attendance Systems: Revolutionizing Workplace Time Tracking

The management of a productive employee attendance platform is crucial for the smooth operation of your office. With the help of the Support Mena biometric attendance system in Dubai, you can effectively monitor the attendance data of your employees and conveniently keep track of their working hours thanks to our exclusive fingerprint identification system.

Our cutting-edge fingerprint attendance system for companies in Dubai is reliable, clever, and economical. It enables you to swiftly recognise your staff and prevent anyone with unauthorised access from entering your business by locking them out.

Easy attendance tracking

Real-time data transmission and scalable payroll error reduction over the web

Absence of any proxies

Non-Manipulation of Data

We provide the following key features as part of our IT AMC Solution

Delivery of the biometric device

Support Mena makes sure that the biometric device is delivered to your site safely and on time, guaranteeing that you have the tools necessary for your HR operations.

Installation & configuration

The biometric device will be skillfully installed and configured by our staff, ensuring that it integrates with your current infrastructure and HR system without any issues.

Device testing

We thoroughly test the biometric device to check its accuracy and functionality, confirming that it satisfies your unique needs and operates as expected.

Testing of report extraction from the HR application

Our professionals check that reports are correctly obtained and displayed from your HR application, enabling effective data analysis and decision-making

Testing of typical reports, when necessary

We may evaluate the generation and extraction of routine reports in addition to HR application reports to ensure that the data is presented completely and accurately.

Training for employees

Support Mena offers in-depth employee training sessions to help your workers become familiar with the biometric device and HR application so they can use it effectively and to its fullest potential.


Why Support the Biometric Attendance System at Mena?

Why Support the Biometric Attendance SysteTeam with Experience and Qualifications

Our team is made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals with a focus on offering excellent biometric attendance system solutions. We make sure that your attendance management is managed by qualified specialists who provide personalised solutions in line with your business objectives thanks to their in-depth knowledge and industry expertise.

24/7 help

We recognise the importance of the need for continuous help in attendance management. In order to provide you peace of mind and ensure rapid help and uninterrupted attendance tracking, our committed crew is available around the clock, 24/7.

Modern Technology

At Support Mena, we keep up with the most recent developments in attendance tracking and biometric technology. We provide cutting-edge biometric attendance systems that deliver precise and secure attendance tracking, giving your organisation access to cutting-edge technologies for effective workforce management.

A wide range of clients

A wide range of clients from different industries has been served by us over the years, giving us an excellent insight into their attendance management needs. Because of our wide range of clients, we are able to comprehend the particular needs of your company and offer biometric attendance system solutions that are tailored to fit those needs.


Learn how Support Mena's biometric attendance system may improve your attendance management process' effectiveness, dependability, and security. To find out how we can help you with your needs for a biometric attendance system in Dubai, get in touch with us right away.


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