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Trusted NAS Synology Partner Dubai

Enhanced Data Management: Leveraging Synology NAS Solutions

As a top Synology NAS Partner, our team at Support Mena offers services like file sharing, data protection, and cloud backup that assist every company in managing, securing, and protecting their data.


The world is defined and transformed by information. Any industry’s survival depends on its core data. Because it is the language of businesspeople, it needs to be protected by powerful walls and citadels. Every company requires Synology as their leading data management and data security solution. Our goal is to provide businesses with specialised services that provide access to data in many formats, including flash, disc, and multiple cloud architectures. As a result, we are able to manage, secure, and preserve their data without any hiccups using Synology services, which are able to handle the exponential data expansion of various scaled digital platforms and organisations.

Safeguard Your Data

IT Security Measures

Mitigate IT Challenges

Optimize IT Expenditures

Examine Our Selection of SIRA-Approved CCTV Solutions

Emergency Recovery

Protect important information from unanticipated hardware failure, calamities, and inadvertent erasure.

Data backup Secure

Your company’s VMware, Microsoft, and SaaS endpoints as well as your customers’ personal and commercial data.

File Exchange

Accessible from PCs and mobile devices, your files.

Multimedia & Management

Make use of the user-friendly online and mobile interface to enjoy photographs, videos, and music. NAS configuration, upkeep, and monitoring are all possible without an IT specialist.

Syncing Files

Securely sync your files across numerous computers, servers, and public clouds.


Why Select a NAS Solution from Synology?

Teams of Highly Qualified Consultants

Synology has a team of consultants who are well- qualified and have years of experience offering top-notch IT consulting services. These experts have in-depth knowledge of the industry and valuable insights, so you can rest easy knowing that your IT systems are in good hands. They are committed to providing customised solutions that support the objectives and needs of your business.

Diverse Client Portfolio

Synology has worked with a wide variety of customers, giving it a great insight into the particular needs of different industries. Due to their knowledge, they can recognise the unique requirements of your company and offer NAS solutions that are effectively suited to those needs.

24/7 Support

Synology is aware of the importance of IT infrastructure and the potential for sudden catastrophes. They provide round-the-clock support in order to give you access to rapid help whenever you require it. This guarantees continuous operations and gives you piece of mind.

Innovative Solutions

Synology stays on top of emerging business trends and technologies, enabling them to provide innovative NAS solutions. Synology gives your organisation access to cutting-edge tools and features that encourage long-term growth and success by utilising the most cutting-edge technologies.


Experience Synology's outstanding NAS solutions to improve the efficiency, dependability, and security of your IT infrastructure. To find out how Synology can help you with your NAS needs, get in touch with us right away.


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