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Video Conferencing Solution

Support Your conference and huddle rooms will benefit from Mena’s best-in-class video conferencing solutions, enabling attendees to work more effectively together. Our video conferencing systems provide clients immediate, high-quality HD connectivity, auto-framing, speaker tracking, and automated lens control and are made to meet all room sizes and team kinds. We make it simple for you to grow our solutions to meet your demands and offer support for the whole product lifecycle.

For all of your conference attendees, our solutions provide more flexibility, better cabling, and broader coverage. We assist with the rollout of our video solutions to your mobile and remote users as well as different work places. To maintain ongoing productivity, our solutions also enable device management, quality control, and application configuration.

High Quality Connectivity

High Quality Connectivity

Mitigate Connectivity Challenges

Optimize Video Conferencing Expenditures

Why Select Managed WiFi Solution from Support Mena?


You can frame and follow the attendees as they enter the conference space thanks to improved camera technology integrated with video conferencing solutions. It effectively counts and frames the number of attendees in the meeting space.

Noise reduction

Intelligent audio analysis using advanced deep learning and AI techniques isolates voice while removing background noise that is undesired. It has been thoroughly examined for a variety of undesirable noise lists and is then saved in the sound database so that AI noise-proof algorithms can remove them.

Video experience in HD

For remote participants, a real-time experience is made possible by the new intelligent camera technology, which makes it possible to achieve high definition video feeds during meetings and conferences.

Wise Gallery

Three feeds of the live meeting video are provided by the Smart Gallery feature in video conferencing solutions, two of which show the individual views of the present and previous speakers, and one of which shows a panoramic picture of the conference space. Other capabilities introduced to the solution include multi-focus and picture-in-picture modes.

Broadcast Audio Pickup

The video conferencing solutions suite now includes a variety of microphones to increase a variety of audio options for small to big rooms, enhancing your audio experience. The Cortana voice assistant, real-time voice transcription, and translation are additional capabilities that improve your meeting experience.

Content Exchange

You can share your material online using a cutting-edge video conferencing solution. Both wired and wireless content-sharing technologies are adaptable. Plugging a dongle into the PC enables wireless sharing without any distance restrictions. However, it also enables wired USB-C/HDMI sharing.


Why Select the Video Conference Solution from Support Mena?

Team of Expert Consultants

Our highly skilled consultants have years of experience offering excellent IT consulting services. You can be confident that your video conferencing needs are in capable hands because of their in-depth knowledge and industry insights, and because we create solutions that properly match your company’s goals.

Numerous Clients

As a result of working with clients from a range of industries, we have great insight into their diverse needs. This information enables us to comprehend your particular demands and provide video conferencing solutions that are tailored to your company.

Support available round-the-clock

We are aware that technical problems might happen at any time. In order to provide uninterrupted video conferencing operations and give you peace of mind, our committed crew is available 24/7 to offer rapid support and help.

Cutting-edge Technology

The support of cutting-edge technology Mena continues to be on the cutting edge of new trends and technologies. We provide you with the newest video conferencing tools and strategies by using cutting-edge solutions, empowering your company for long-term growth and success.


With Support Mena's top-notch solutions, you can improve the efficiency, dependability, and security of your video conferencing system. Find out how we can satisfy your video conferencing needs in Dubai and advance your communication by getting in touch with us right away!


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