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Meeting Room Solutions

Different room sizes and participant counts are supported by modern meeting room solutions. We at Support Mena provide cutting-edge solutions to assist you in overcoming the typical technological challenges encountered during online meetings. Our experienced team creates a completely unique design for your conferencing infrastructure, providing your workers with fully integrated devices and a work environment that feels like the cloud, making it simple for them to present, collaborate, and share. For your company managers, partners, or meeting presenters, we offer simple management solutions that make it simple for them to oversee and communicate with everyone from a single screen.

With wide-angle cameras, incredibly sensitive microphones, and AI-driven technologies, our solutions help to enhance the audio-visual quality of any online meeting. Don’t miss a word during a meeting by working with Support Mena to create an inclusive and dependable experience for all attendees of your online meetings.

Seamless Meeting Room Configurations

Enhance Conferencing Infrastructure

Mitigate Technological Challenges

Optimize Meeting Room Set-up Expenditures

Why Select Managed WiFi Solution from Support Mena?

Solutions for Large Rooms

With our large room solutions, we set up clutter-free coverage for all of your cameras, speakers, and microphones. For the managers, partners, and presenters, it offers intuitive touch control and straightforward administration tools.

Personal Room Solutions

For your team meetings, we can assist in developing a seamless solution that enables any desktop, whether it is on-site, mobile, or distant, to communicate and exchange files with other devices on your private company network.

Solutions for Mid-size Rooms

With our medium room setup, we offer a remarkably wide field of view and crystal-clear vocal quality. All participants can see and hear each other thanks to features like auto-framing and a large microphone array.

Video conference setup

For your internal team meetings, we combine AI-powered technologies with tried-and-true industry knowledge to create productive settings. Our solutions enable you to connect several devices to a single, intelligent display screen, enabling the presenter to store, process, and share the data with others.

Solutions for Smaller Rooms

For all of your team meetings, we set up your tiny meeting spaces with best-in-class solutions, AI-powered controls, HD video quality, and crystal-clear, room-filling sound.

Interal Meetings Setup

We create and install the best video systems and equipment for your virtual conference room or workspace. No matter where you are, you can easily host, present, and manage meetings with the help of our meeting solution, which offers a straightforward, dependable experience to all of your meeting attendees.


Why Pick Mena’s Work From Home Solution?

Seamless Collaboration

Our meeting room solution is made to make it easy for your team to collaborate. Conducting meetings, exchanging presentations, and brainstorming ideas become simple and effective with user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge functionality.

Modern Technology

At Support Mena, we stay on top of things by utilising the newest tools. Our meeting room solution makes use of cutting-edge hardware and software to make sure that your meetings go off without a hitch and without any technical hiccups.

Customised for Your Business

We are aware that every company has different requirements. In order to fully comprehend your unique needs and design the meeting room solution accordingly, our team of professionals works directly with you. The solution will be fully in line with your company’s objectives thanks to this customised approach.


In addition to being feature-rich, our conference room solution is also reasonably priced. We think that providing high-quality solutions shouldn’t break the bank, making it a wise company investment.


Join the countless companies who have already used Support Mena's Meeting Room Solution to change their meeting experiences. To find out how we can increase the productivity and efficiency of your meetings in Dubai, contact us right away.


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