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IT Relocation

The ability to move about is a requirement for all modern businesses. Your ability to securely and efficiently move your company’s IT and physical infrastructure between sites gives you an advantage over rival companies. Your IT deployment, upgrades, changes, and relocation can be expedited with the aid of Support Mena. You can be confident that every component of the move is carefully planned and catered to your needs when you use our IT relocation solutions.

Our staff has almost a decade of expertise providing businesses in Dubai with various types of IT relocation services. We offer clients complete, end-to-end IT relocation solutions, whether it be data centre or server room relocation, office migrations, or decommissioning of IT assets. From infrastructure evaluation, planning, and equipment acquisition to transfer, redeployment, and disposal of your IT assets, we handle it all.

Support Mena IT relocation services assist in cost control, risk reduction, flexibility enhancement, and minimising business downtime. Our staff adheres to industry best practises and thoroughly documents the entire procedure for use or reference in the future. To ensure a smooth transition of your business locations, we also collaborate with various teams involved in the relocation project.

For more than ten years, Support Mena has been a pioneer in Dubai when it comes to dependable and effective IT relocation services. When transferring your company to a new location, a smooth and efficient IT transition is crucial, and this is something we are aware of.

Safeguard Your Data

IT Security Measures

Mitigate IT Challenges

Optimize IT Expenditures

As part of our IT relocation services, we provide the following essential components

Effective Planning and Execution

In order to prevent disruptions and guarantee a smooth transfer for your IT infrastructure, our skilled team carefully plans and manages the relocation process.

Detailed Inventory and Asset Management

We take a careful inventory of your IT assets and make sure they are moved to the new site safely and efficiently.

Secure Data Migration

To ensure that all data is safely transferred to the new infrastructure, our professionals manage the migration of your priceless data with the highest care and security.

Smooth Network Setup

We install and configure your network infrastructure at the new site to make sure that everything is operational.

Testing and quality control

Prior to completing the migration, we carry out thorough testing to make sure that all IT systems are in top shape and satisfy your business needs.

Data Backup and Recovery

We offer dependable backup and recovery services that are scaled to your unique business requirements as part of our specialised IT solutions.


Why Should You Pick Support Mena for IT Relocation?

Experienced Relocation Teams

Your company is guaranteed a smooth and successful transfer thanks to the significant experience of our highly qualified teams in managing IT relocations.

Wide-ranging clientele

We have worked with a variety of customers, which has given us invaluable insight into the needs of different industries and allowed us to create solutions that are specifically suited to your needs.

Round-the-Clock Support

To ensure a seamless and unhindered move, our dedicated support team is accessible 24/7 to handle any questions or issues that may arise during the relocation process.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Support Mena keeps up with the most recent technological advancements and market trends, providing you with cutting-edge IT solutions that improve the efficiency, security, and dependability of your IT infrastructure.


For more than ten years, Support Mena has been a dependable and financially successful provider of IT support services in Dubai. Our services are designed to be user-friendly and to handle all of your present and future IT support-related needs.


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