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Meeting Room Scheduler

When it comes to meeting room scheduling software, Support Mena is the market leader. People now arrive and depart from work on various schedules, making every office a hybrid setting. It’s crucial to incorporate room scheduling into your office design to keep everyone working effectively and productively.

Our technology advances the process of scheduling meeting spaces. It provides a platform for companies, institutions of higher learning, venues, etc. to use while also optimising the workspace. The method for scheduling meetings can be utilised for internal communications and advertising to increase brand awareness.

Why Select Managed WiFi Solution from Support Mena?

Purchase from anywhere

The variety of venues available at work has increased. They are all gathered on one practical platform by Support Mena solutions. Find what you need and availability quickly. Use our enterprise-grade scheduling panels to make a booking from your desk, on your smartphone, or right away.

Simple to Control

Simple user interfaces are simple to maintain, whether centrally through the Content Management System (CMS) or remotely from a web browser. Multiple communications may be seen at once.

Easy Deployment, Support for PoE

Installing the Panel on concrete walls, glass, wood, and other surfaces with a parallel or tilt angle saves time and labour while supporting PoE and DC power supply.

Effective Remote Control

All of the meeting room equipment and schedules may be easily and effectively monitored, managed, and analysed remotely.

Detailed Features

A number of cutting-edge self-adaptation, network connectivity, and expansibility elements are also combined in the Meeting Room Scheduler to provide a smart, effective, and secure experience in space and time management.


Key attributes and advantages

Smooth Booking Process

Our Meeting Room Scheduler technology provides a smooth and user-friendly booking process, making it simple and quick to reserve meeting spaces. You may quickly locate and reserve the ideal meeting location for your team with just a few clicks.


Learn important information about the occupancy and use of meeting rooms. You can make the most of your workplace space and find chances for increased productivity by analysing this data.

Mobile Access

Use our mobile-friendly interface to reserve meeting spaces while on the go. You’ll always have access to the scheduler and be able to handle your bookings with ease, whether you’re at home or on the road.

Support and Training

Our devoted support staff is here to help you at every turn. We are here to make sure your experience with our Meeting Room Scheduler is easy and trouble-free, from first setup to continuous training.


Learn how our Meeting Room Scheduler technology can revolutionise meeting room management in your company. The booking procedure has been streamlined and optimised, so say goodbye to scheduling headaches. To arrange a demo and learn how we can improve your meeting room experience, contact us right away.


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