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End-Point Security

Endpoint Security & Protection Services in Dubai

The boundaries of your work network are pushed outside of predetermined areas in the modern workplace, where employees operate remotely and on mobile devices. You can extend your firewall protection to all users and centrally control security and access protocols for all of your network endpoints with Support Mena’s market-leading endpoint security solutions. We are committed to developing scalable, intelligent, and easy-to-use security solutions. The Support Mena team works on your side to find, stop, and eliminate even the most complex cyber threats using their over ten years of industry experience.

At Support Mena, we develop endpoint security solutions that are straightforward, clever, and scalable and offer clients from a variety of sectors in Dubai round-the-clock monitoring and support. To ensure that you are always fully protected against zero-day attacks and security fraud, we deliver fully-featured enterprise-grade endpoint security solutions using strong AI technologies, EDR services, and deep learning tools.

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Service offerings from Support Mena

Protection from zero-day attacks

Utilise our threat intelligence and behaviour analytics to find, isolate, and stop any ransomware before it has a chance to disrupt your company’s network and spread

Endpoint Security Feature: One-Stop Shop

You may access a wide range of endpoint security services with our integrated endpoint solutions without having to deal with the burden of learning and managing numerous complicated programmes.

Synchronised Services Feature for Endpoint Security

You can easily synchronise and share information in real time with Support Mena endpoint security solutions so that threats are swiftly discovered and dealt with appropriately

Extended Security Solution for the Endpoint Security Feature

In order to provide your organisation with unrivalled visibility and protection, we assist in the development of advanced endpoint solutions that include several security products and data sources.

Real-time Visibility for Endpoint Security

Use our centralised solutions to control your endpoints from anywhere at any time while identifying high-risk users and suspicious activities on your secure business network.

Endpoint Detection and Response is an endpoint security feature.

Our automatic EDR services keep an eye out for security-related events on your endpoints, deliver prompt notifications, and help with threat isolation and remediation.


What Makes Support Mena’s End-Point Security Service the Best Option?

Maximum Safety

Assistance Mena’s End-Point Security Service gives your company’s endpoints, including PCs, laptops, servers, and mobile devices, thorough security. Our service uses cutting-edge threat detection and prevention technologies to protect your endpoints from a variety of online dangers like malware, ransomware, and phishing scams.

Real-Time Monitoring and Incident Response

When it comes to endpoint security, we are aware of how crucial real-time monitoring and prompt incident response are. Our devoted team keeps an eye on your endpoints in real-time, spots potential security issues, and acts quickly to reduce risks and the severity of any security breaches.

Proactive Security Measures

We employ a proactive security strategy using Support Mena’s End-Point Security Service. We put strong security procedures in place to make sure your endpoints are always up-to-date and secure against the most recent attacks. These include regular vulnerability assessments and patch management.

Expert Advice and Consultation

Our team of highly qualified security consultants is available to offer professional advice and consultation that is tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation. We are here to support you every step of the way, whether you need help with security policy formulation, security awareness training, or incident response preparation.


Enjoy the reassurance that comes with effective endpoint security. For more information on how Support Mena's comprehensive end-point security solution may help protect your company's priceless assets and promote a secure computer environment, get in touch with us right away.


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