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Ruijie RG-EG3000UE/XE

Ruijie RG-EG3000UE/XE next-generation high-performance integrated gateway is a high-end gateway
product tailored for medium to large-scale network scenarios such as universities, Education Bureau,
medium to large enterprises and wireless cities. RG-EG3000UE/XE employs the multi-core MIPS hardware
architecture combined with Ruijie’s self-developed fast forwarding technology to provide high-speed
NAT forwarding performance. The RG-EG3000UE/XE next-generation high-performance integrated gateway
supports a variety of features including multi-link load balancing, smart DNS, application/user-based
routing technologies, smart flow control, AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) gateway,
online behavior management and visualized IPsec VPN . With its smart scheduling and behavior management
technologies for network traffic, RG-EG3000UE/XE can effectively optimize the gateway network,
improve service performance, manage online behavior and meet the demands of large-scale network
gateway for a wide variety of industries.

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