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Healthcare IT Solutions and Services

We Deliver Innovative Secure Infrastructure Solutions that help Improve the Healthcare Journey.

Supportmena Secure Healthcare IT infrastructure solutions provide an efficient and compliant foundation for modern data, analytics and devices.

Supportmena ensures secure infrastructure for healthcare, safeguarding sensitive data and enabling seamless operations. Our tailored solutions prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of healthcare information, providing a robust foundation for digital healthcare environments


Secure Infrastrcucture for Healthcare,
Safeguard hardware, firmware, and medical data

Any digital infrastructure that is secure must ensure the authenticity and integrity of hardware and firmware from a manufacturing level and protect data at the operator level using certificates for signing, encryption and authentication. Managing these certificates, keys and other forms of encryption is also critical, and takes not only the right solutions, but expert knowledge and understanding.

Converged Infrastructure

Data security & Disaster Recovery

Wireless networking

Data center solutions

Healthcare IT Consulting

EMR Hosting

EMR Consulting

Healthcare IT Support

Why should you choose Supportmena’s Medical IT support


Build an IT ecosystem that meets data, performance, compliance and security needs.

Threat intelligence & disaster recovery

Stay ahead of bad actors with a proactive threat monitoring system. Quickly recover from attacks to minimize disruption and losses.

Security and data management

Build a future-proof environment that allows you to collect, secure and analyze data.

Encryption solutions

Defend your data from being stolen or compromised by converting information into an encoded format that prevents unauthorized access.


Optimize operations with managed IT services for hardware, software and cloud.

Identity & access management technology

Gain secure access to your critical resources through a comprehensive solution that manages user identities and access permissions.


Why Select the Healthcare IT Solutions from Support Mena?

24/7 IT Support for Healthcare

Supportmena provides reliable, 24/7 IT support services for the healthcare sector. Our team will proactively monitor and manage your IT systems to ensure your infrastructure is optimised and running at full capacity. We’ll take care of all the housekeeping such as configurations, back-ups and upgrades leaving you to focus on more important tasks.

If an issue does occur our first response team are always available and ready to support you. In 96% of case our remote IT support team will resolve your issue, but should you need us we also have onsite IT support engineers.

Information Security Services

Our solutions safeguard patient information and enable HIPAA-compliant user controls, from devices to the cloud.
With cyber crimes on the rise, you need to put the appropriate defences in place to protect your IT systems and the proper data management to ensure the integrity of patient records. Our cyber security and Information Security Solutions range from Vulnerability Assessments to Managed SIEM solutions, and virtual CISO consultancy to Security Operation Centre (SOC) services.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Nobody wants to think of the worst case scenario, but knowing that you’re prepared can go some way to giving you peace of mind. The impact of data loss, whether it’s via a cyber attack or a natural disaster, can be minimised with a robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.

Supportmena IT support team will help you identify a set of policies, procedures and tools to protect your business in the event of disaster and ensure that your valuable assets and data are backed-up and available.

Cloud Computing for Healthcare

The healthcare sector is responsible for a significant amount of sensitive data and finding a cloud solution that offers flexibility and security is key. Supportmena partners with leading cloud providers such as AWS and Azure and has the expertise and accreditations to support healthcare practices transition to a cloud environment. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we’ll work with you to ensure you have the right strategy, infrastructure and storage capacity to succeed in the cloud.

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