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HCI – Hyper Converged Infrastructure Services in DUBAI

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), or hyperconverged software, is a unified system of data storage. As opposed to a traditional system, hyperconverged software combines storage, computing, networking, and management all under one roof.
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) provides innovative 3rd-gen cloud computing architecture that reduces at least 70% of the TCO, simplifies operations, and multiplies network security. It converges compute, storage, networking and security on a single software stack.

Meet the Most Powerful Ever  Hyperconverged Infrastructure

aSAN (Storage Virtualization)

Built with multi-copies and data is written synchronously to ensure data consistency. Multiple innovative features enable HCI to reach 1 million IOPS with just three nodes, including SSD caching and patented I/O localization technology – aSAN detects where a VM’s data is stored and makes it a priority to run the VM on that physical host.

Disaster Recovery Management (DRM)

we provides a choice of disaster recovery solutions, including active-active stretched cluster and active-passive DR for  HCI customers and active-passive DR for third-party hypervisors and servers.

aSV (Hypervisor)

Distributed resource scheduling, non-uniform memory access (NUMA), and memory overcommitment bring you the ultimate virtualization performance.

More Secure Than Ever

Brand-new aSecurity cloud security center integrates all the security products you need to protect your entire architecture, including built-in web application firewall, next-generation firewall, EDR, and more.

Ultra Simple Deployment & Operation

Deploy the infrastructure with “what you draw is what you get” topology to get your business online in minutes. Manage your infrastructure through a unified dashboard and get AI-driven insights with a virtualized data center that displays the real-time flow.


Why Should You Choose HCI?

Reduced TCO & Scale as you Grow

Minimum 70% reduction in overall CapEx & Opex than traditional data center. Up to 90% reduction in power, cooling and space. Start from 2 nodes and scale linearly according to your need without limits. Shift your focus to business. IT could be a revenue generating department instead of a cost center

Distinguished Performance

Reach 1 Million IOPS with just 3 nodes (NVMe). High stability and reliability ensured by vAD business clustering, HA (High Availability), distributed management platform, distributed virtual networking device, multi-copies, back-up plans etc.

Best Security Integration

More flexible and scalable network and service provisioning. Virtualized network functions can be easily moved to various locations in the network without having to install new equipment. 3D protection inside-out: Kernal built-in WAF to protect aSV from web threats;distributed firewall to protect east-west traffic and vNGAF to safeguard south-north traffc.

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