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Vulnerability Managment

For endpoints, workloads, and systems to function together in a secure business network, a continuous, real-time vulnerability management programme is essential. For our clients in Dubai, we at Support Mena provide top-notch vulnerability management tools and solutions using our knowledge and experience in the field. You can find, evaluate, report, manage, and patch vulnerabilities across your network as soon as possible with the help of our vulnerability management.

Our vulnerability management programmes are completely customisable, centrally controlled, and fully integrated. They give you worldwide visibility, enabling you to scan and track devices across your internal network, cloud environment, and external boundary. Our quick-to-market vulnerability solutions find threats and unforeseen changes in your network before they may become breaches. When you partner with us, you have access to vulnerability management services that change to meet your changing business demands without affecting the functionality and productivity of your endpoints.

Safeguard Your Data

IT Security Measures

Mitigate IT Challenges

Optimize IT Expenditures

As part of our IT relocation services, we provide the following essential components

Patch Control

We develop automated network security fixes that concentrate on countering dangers before they can result in loss or damage. We offer patches for numerous third-party applications for all OS platforms.

Services for Threat Assessment at Dubai Central Control

Services for Threat Assessment at Dubai Central Control From our specialised, central service interface, you can manage all of your network settings and reports while having quick access to all of your devices, endpoints, and workloads from anywhere.

Services for Threat Management in Dubai Individualised Reports

Access and manage security reports across users and the entire organisation by using our user-friendly, integrated reporting tools. It facilitates automated answers and secure report sharing with various receivers.

Deep Network Examination

Run a thorough network scan with the help of our sophisticated tools to learn more about the state of your network. It aids in setting up your company application and default settings for maximum security.

Vulnerability Dubai Managed Services Proactive Response

To identify risk and stop suspicious activity before it can affect your system, we do thorough assessments for your virtual environments, mobile devices, and network devices.

Live Monitoring

In order to identify the greatest business risks and proactively defend your network against any Zero-Day assaults, our solutions assist you in tracking your security risks and vulnerabilities over time.


Why Do You Want to Manage Vulnerabilities With Support Mena?

Expert Consultants in Vulnerability Management

Our team is made up of consultants with considerable training and knowledge in the provision of first-rate vulnerability management services. We guarantee that your IT systems are in skilled hands and that you get customised solutions in line with your company objectives thanks to their in-depth knowledge and industry insights.

Wide Range of Industry Knowledge

We have worked with a wide range of clients throughout the years from different industries, obtaining invaluable insight into their unique requirements. With the help of this knowledge, we can pinpoint the specific vulnerabilities that exist in your company and provide tailored vulnerability management solutions to properly address them.

24/7 Support

We are aware that threats might arise from vulnerabilities at any time. Because of this, our committed team is on call 24/7 to offer prompt support and assistance, assuring uninterrupted operations and providing you piece of mind.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

At Support Mena, we keep abreast of the most recent developments in the market and new technological developments. We provide innovative vulnerability management solutions that provide your company with solid strategies for long-term growth and improved security by utilising cutting-edge tools and processes.


Learn how Support Mena's top-notch vulnerability management solutions may improve your IT system's effectiveness, dependability, and security. To find out how we can help you with your vulnerability management needs in Dubai, get in contact with us right away


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